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Clouds and stars and glitter…oh MY!

You know what I am a sucker for? BRICK. Yup, good ‘ol brick. Dilapidated buildings with faded business script, bright and airy loft spaces…you name it, I am here for it. So, when this GORGEOUS and furnished lofty event space opened up with wall to wall to wall brick everything in downtown Calgary…I WAS IN!

I’ve had this idea for creating a dreamy little sesh with soft white everything from textures and fluffy clouds, sparkly stars and a big bouncy bed for kids to jump on complete with yes…brick walls behind it all, for some time and so it finally came to fruition. IT WAS SO FUN! I did give myself a hard time about all the other ways I could have set it up, decorated and floofed it (totally a word), especially when that boho rug and plant thing is all the rage. But, in the end, I kept it simple and true to JAC!

We had some setbacks with Covid fun and that meant some of our families had to opt out for a different event but that meant I had more time to sneak in some time with Miss V and Miss S. Muahahaha…

Find them below, but first! Check out these stunning fam jams who opted to make the shoots not just about the kidlets, but the whole crew, just in time for Mother’s Day.

What do you think? Should we run this family portrait event again this spring? Leave me a comment below or come let us know on Instagram where we also share some reels from this fun day.

Studio child photography session clouds and stars and brick walls

JAC Photography kids studio sessions

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