Photographing newborns & families has had my heart for decades, knowing that I am playing a part in creating meaningful and even generational memories that can showcase a time in life and history.

Throughout that journey, I have studied, researched, grown, travelled and mentored to gain the skills I have today. I believe our industry has so much knowledge to share with each other wherever we are in the journey but finding the right resources and education is hard to navigate at times!

I am thrilled to offer mentoring in Newborn or Family photography, our focus will be wherever YOU are in your journey, in person and online available. Message me today for a rundown of exactly what's involved!

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"Learning with Jody is a decision I would make again and again! She is an open book and shared her knowledge on every topic I needed. I love that she customized to my personal needs!"

1:1 at my Calgary In-home Studio: $900.00 CAD

$300 non-refundable deposit due at booking & remaining balance paid 1 week prior to mentoring. Payment plans are available.

Do you prefer to learn in a personal, hands-on environment? Are you eager to fine tune your posing skills but want to ensure you cover the steps and areas that are MOST important to YOU? Would you benefit most from a teacher that allows YOU to pose while directing your techniques?

Then 1:1 mentoring is for you! JAC Newborn Mentoring is one day of learning with JAC Photography! This full day of learning focuses on perfecting and safely posing newborns under 2 weeks of age. You WILL be allowed to pose and take photos as well as watch Jody in action.

Our day is 7 hours from 9-4pm with lunch and snacks provided. The best part of custom in-person mentoring is we will cover any and everything that YOU need and want to improve upon that Jody has experience to teach. This is all about you and growing your business. This day is all about the education specific to your needs. When our day completes, if desired, we can head out for dinner and chat any questions or strategies you like! 

You will also receive a video of me culling the session and going through my editing process within 3 weeks of the session date. You will also receive an additional 1.5 hour zoom meeting with Jody at a later date to critique or follow up on any questions you may have. 

Contact us for available dates! We are so excited to meet you and help you on your journey.



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1:1 Cost: $900.00 CAD

$300 non-refundable deposit due at booking & remaining balance paid 1 week prior to mentoring. Payment Plans are accepted.

Our 1:1 mentorships for family photography are best for photographers that love to learn from a hands on approach! Our mentorship is completely tailored to YOU and the growth you need right now, and the opportunities to learn are endless! This is all about you and growing your business.

Our mentorship day is 6 hours. We will meet before the session to cover any topic that you are needing to dive into. We will then head to our sunset session. You will shoot the session alongside me and be able to ask questions, learn posing and engage with a real family.

I will teach you hands on how to engage with subjects and will give you the opportunity to prompt the clients as well. The session will be styled by me, and you will have permission to use your images for your portfolio!

Following the session, we will review images and answer any questions you have from the day. For those super late Alberta summer nights, we have the option to instead meet the next day for breakfast or a 1.5 hour zoom meeting. 

You will also receive a video of me culling the session and going through my editing process within 3 weeks of the session date.

Mentorships are available in spring, summer, and fall for AB sessions.

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I've put together some of my most valued tips & tricks in downloadable formats. Top soothing techniques, posing aids and templates I use in my own client correspondence! Please reach out & let me know what you would like to see added!

Check back often as we continue to add more resources.

The Resources


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Do you love this pose but can't quite figure out where you need to adjust details to feel confident? 
The key to this pose is a relaxed and natural looking babe, no teetering, squishy faces allowed!
Get point by point tips to make sure you can finally master the froggy pose for good!


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"Jody's attention to the fine details made things click for me."

Tried and true soothing techniques to get you through even the most alert of babes. While not every newborn wants to settle into a deep sleep for their session, when you learn the tools I've used in my sessions over the last 15 years, you'll feel confident in soothing so you can get a stunning gallery every time. 




“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

Earlier on, I found myself struggling to consistently pose newborns. I have dedicated time to mastering the fine details of baby poses. These techniques allowed me to successfully transition between poses. 
I'm so excited to share the essentials of my session workflow with you to help you gain confidence in your flow!

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