From me to YOU – Calgary, Alberta Family Photographer

Just a little love note for my future family clients

Hi there!

You will probably hear me say this a bunch by the time we start shooting, but…

You’ve hired me to capture the connection within YOUR family and that doesn’t include connecting with my camera.

SO, take a few moments to centre, focus on the love you share and breathe. Be in the moment, snuggle up, love on each other, play and have fun!

What would you do with each other if I wasn’t there? DO THAT! Laugh like you don’t care how it looks on my end and make it real. REALLY laugh. Hug those babies in a way that reminds you how tightly you wanna keep them close, so snuggly you can feel the joy and I can see that joy reflecting back! In the quiet moments in between, slow down and feel their heartbeat. I’m here for all of it.

The number one thing I hear when I ask clients what they hope to convey to their children in these images…is the love they share. 

YASSS! The goal of our time together is to create beautiful imagery and artwork for your home but also to leave you with memories so stinking’ FULL of love that your whole family remembers that day and holds it close forever.

I say all this because I want you to trust me & that pesky camera. Don’t focus on us. Your ONLY job is to love on that crew of yours and let me capture the magic. I will guide you, engage and offer games, jokes and secret chats with your kiddos to encourage all the fun and magic we need for a successful shoot. But, I need YOU to just trust and love. Take that deep breath and lean in.

I am so excited to meet you! Find me HERE to get in touch.

xo, JAC

Calgary Family Photographer

PS – Working with this family over the years, and watching their babies grow, has been a highlight of my career. I have been blessed to witness the changes as their lives flow and this shoot was extra special, being in their own backyard. Their safe and magical place that has created so many special memories, especially now as the pandemic has offered extra time together at home.


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