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“One green and speckled frog, sat on a speckled log”…Sorry that song always pops into my head whenever I hear the word “froggy”, thanks to my 15 month old daughter and her obsession with the Netflix show “Little Baby Bum” (If you know, you know)

But seriously, who doesn’t know the Froggy Pose?? If you have been in the Newborn Photography game for any length of time, you know this pose and you either love it, hate it or wanna love it but just can’t figure it out! It’s one of those poses that takes a-lot of patience, needs a very sleepy, and ideally gas free, baby and can be tricky to edit if you have never completed a composite before. The safety of this pose is always priority.

I used to feel so frustrated with this pose because it never quite looked relaxed or was too squished. I would try to do it at every session because I wanted to master it so badly but it was taking up waaaay too much of my session time, without any guarantee the parents were going to select it as one of their final images.

One thing that did happen from all those hours of practice time, was I really gained experience in how to read the baby and their comfort with this pose. Where my finger/hand placement needed to be to keep baby safe and secure. How to tell if baby was relaxing or needed to come out of this pose. I learned how to place my posing beans so I could move baby as little as possible into position so any fine-tuning of fingers and toes was minimal and comfortable for babe. I learned through studying the physiology of a baby, how to safely position them.

It took me five years of posing babies for a living before I went to a posing workshop (they didn’t really exist for a long time and that probably realllllly dates me – eek!) It was there that I was able to collab with other professional Newborn Photographers on all the tips and tricks we had learned along the way and really fine tune the pose.

So now, whether parents choose this shot or not, I always include The Froggy into my workflow, cuz it’s forever my favourite, hard-earned pose! Granted, not every baby wants to do this pose, just like any other pose, but I still have a plan for it at every session.

I want to share that love of Froggy Pose with my colleagues! So, that’s why I have created a FREE guide to fine-tune the Froggy pose! It’s a 5 step guide with bonus tips and bonus posing cards for inspiration at your next session. I hope the tips and tricks I have laid out in this free guide help things click into place so every time you attempt this pose, you are safe. As long as baby is willing, it’s so much easier!

Grab the guide below and Please! I would love your feedback. Send me a DM on Instagram or contact me here! I’m an open book, so ask me any questions or clarification if you need.

xo, JAC

Click the image below to grab your Free Guide NOW.

5 tips to fine-tune froggy pose

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