I'm jody ann.

Since I was 15 years old, I’ve looked at the world through my camera lens. I just fell in love with the way a camera was able to view & create new detail, capture moments in time and freeze them, or block out the distractions of the world around you so you can see the previously undetected or dismissed beauty that was right in front of your eyes.

In over 25 years of being in business, photography has allowed me to see some of life’s most magical moments. The sweetest little finger curls of a sleepy newborn, full-body laughter of a rambunctious toddler when my camera makes a silly “flurp” sound, the moment a teen high school grad steps into adulthood and the magical moments when a family comes together to celebrate who they were before another school year begins and life changes forever.

These are the moments that matter, that we sometimes wish we could stay in forever. I feel this way constantly with my own family and four incredible humans who made me a mom and fill my life with more excitement than I sometimes care to have! My family is full of magic every day, but the thing with magic is, it’s fleeting. Some moments will never be the same twice, so every capture allows me to hold on to them forever. 

I want to help you do the same so let’s make a deal. Let’s get together and for a few hours, block out the noise and capture what makes you and your loved ones, YOU! When all is said and done, you get to walk away with beautiful, fine-art images to show off and pass down to future generations.

So, whaddya say? Ready to make some magic together?

Hopeless romantic (and total Enneagram 2), lover of light, travel, and the soft, glowing colours brought to life through imagery. 

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places I've photographed

New Orleans & Nashville, Charleston, Idaho, Utah, Toronto, Indy, Banff...so many!


daily pleasure

Grande iced chai with 2 pumps chai, 2 pumps cinnamon dolce, pumpkin cold foam and oat milk.



Indulging in Sushi Pizza and snuggling my Snow Bengal - Lola.


my person

This guy. My husband, Geoff. Believe it or not, he's as kind as he is handsome. He's my other half in life and this biz.


part of my job

Getting a glimpse into the special love and dynamic of families & making a lifelong connection to them.

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Cotton Candy

Beach, please!


Enneagram 2


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Lavender Soda






IS clean & timeless
IS colourful & vibrant
IS fun & fierce

I’m influenced by the great photojournalism portraits of our time, capturing natural beauty & a genuine moment, framed by the world around. I'm drawn to light & colour with a whimsical touch.

Our clients are seekers of fun, with a taste for adventure and sea salt in their hair. 

Trust Me! With my four littles discovering the world around them, in stages ranging from toddlerdom to teenagehood, I feel time racing along in my core. I know how crucial it is for you to freeze the stage your family is in RIGHT NOW, in a way that is authentic yet captivating. Your family is fun, dynamic and unique. You adore the pieces of your child’s personality that aren’t always seen outside of your own bubble. Not just the big toothy grins but the care-free, head thrown back joy they feel with no one but you; the still, calm and thoughtful expressions; the trust within your arms. 

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