A brand New Year and a Fresh Start – Family Photography in Calgary, Alberta

While we might be quick to wave BUH BYE! to 2021, there were many beautiful moments, miracles, kindness shown, children grown and lessons learned! The lesson I think we learned as a whole most of all is that we are resilient!

Our families can handle so much and our bonds, our relationships and our need for each other have become even more evident through it all!

One thing I was reminded of, is a need to slow down!! Our kids grow so fast, time seemingly speeds by even faster with them by our side and I’m grateful for the gift 2020 and 2021 gave us to slowwwww down.

This family right here, was sending their oldest off to university within weeks of our shoot and having know them over a decade, it was a big smack in the face to me, of how precious every moment is because you blink and POOF! They are out into the world making their own mark.

I don’t see older kiddos as much in family sessions and it’s so sad to me! Ya, mayyyyybe they won’t want to snuggle up as easily or let you piggy back them and give tickles…BUT EVERY STAGE OF FAMILY, every stage of parenthood and childhood is so so significant. It all needs to be cherished and remembered just as much as when they were littles. YOUR dynamic is unique and special and it changes, but that’s a good thing! One day they will be outta the nest and these opportunities to document your family this way will change again.

It’s a fresh year and a fresh start…

Before we all get back in that busyness of beach time, sports schedules and summer travel, take a minute to get in touch so we can plan your unique and captured moments together! I spend alot of time scouting location gems for my clients to make sure we have a spot that speaks to you and your crew for tender moments and adventure. I found this amazing spot I’d passed without notice for years!! This creek was so fun, so fresh, so green, so full of bright beautiful light and right in the middle of Calgary!

Let’s chat about your vision for your family session HERE

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