Miss M – The Calgary Area Newborn Photographer

Funny how the niche I built my brand on, hosted and taught workshops for and spent a decade honing my craft on, is the thing I photograph the least these days.

It’s not that I don’t want to photograph the sweet bubs, but having taken a major amount of time off, the world of posed newborn portraiture taking off in a big way with so many more talented local photogs available x my own time spent with a newborn babe; it just hasn’t presented itself as much and I find myself questioning what my plan is going forward. I find there is so much to digest and ponder with opportunities to evolve and shift, I feel finally ready to take big bites into what that looks like and can mean…I feel ready to make big change but I do hope the newborn babes are a continued part of that. It really is such a joy to witness the teeny life that has created such enormous amounts of love between people.

I was able to spend time with Miss Maggie, fresh from mama and fresh off my extended leave at a week old and she absolutely gave me a run for my money! I actually had her come back for a second go so that I could play longer on my new portable posing station created specifically for the safety and posing of newborns (and to save my back!)

She really is the most adorable thang!


  1. Joelle says:

    Wow! Once again, absolutely stunning work. I love the colors chosen. Love the blue for miss Maggie, and the variety of poses!!! You’ve still got it.

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