Jody Ann Crane is Calgary’s premiere newborn & family photographer, and has been shooting since she was 15 years old, when her high school offered a photography darkroom course; so if you add it up….that’s 26 years! WOAH.

She is a wifey & mama of four, aged 12, 10, 6 and 3 months old! They are by far her favourite subjects to photograph, even thought they don’t always share the sentiment!

Jody Ann specializes in clean, timeless, styled newborn studio portraits, natural light outdoor photography and colourful and custom, fine art portraiture. She offers maternity, family, children and newborn portraits and sometimes sprinkles in weddings and bridal portraits. (She just loves the dynamics of PEOPLE!)

Jody has spent over 13 years crafting her niche in newborn photography and has photographed hundreds of babies, using finely crafted posing techniques that not only capture the sweetness of a newborn but do it safely. This has turned into a love of teaching other photographers the same techniques.

When not taking pictures, Jody Ann also offers virtual fitness coaching and enjoys sharing mom life, fashion and product finds, and her own postpartum fitness journey on social channels. Off time is spent snuggling her own babies, hanging out at Indigo or watching HGTV, dreaming up renos with the hubs.

Her photography has been featured prominently at WHCC & in Inspire and MOZI magazines for photographers, design companies such as Two Pear Designs and various baby boutique vendors. She is also a member of the National Association of Child Photographers.

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