Miss Violet Lily Turned 5!…almost 2 years ago. :P

As I get back into blogging, I want to make sure I document as many of my past sessions as I can and this is a memory I want to keep featured till the end of time. The fun of photographing your own kids is the memories you are creating for yourself, I remember much more vividly what was happening around me in these moments and the process that went behind creating this session, I had no idea if I was gonna be allowed to shoot here but all was well and I’m so thrilled we took the chance!

The other fun slash not so fun thing about doing a session with your own kids is that, no one is holding you accountable to actually editing and producing the shoot! SO things can get pushed to the backburner and while I have shared random shots from this night, I never got around to actually finishing up all my must haves! It was a JOY to look back on these months before a pandemic took away alot of the freedom we had been feeling that summer. I brought along Miss V’s big bro’s and my SIL for help and we were the only people around all night with this warm breezy night, playing on the carousel. Once we were done, I just watched them play on this makeshift swing as the sun went down. It was a moment of calm that I rarely remind myself to take as a mama and I continue to smile reminiscing on that night.

I bet you can guess what Miss V’s obsession was as she was turning a whole 5 years old and still continues to adore. Bring on the horsies! I haven’t told her yet but the plan is to surprise her for her 7th Birthday shoot with a real LIVE horse! (yes, I make her do one every year and no, I don’t make her brothers lol)  

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