Happy Valentine’s Day with a Flashback!

Happy Valentine’s Day with a Flashback to our fave themed Mini evaaaa! Pretty sure Valentine’s do not get any sweeter than this!

If you have ever hosted a blog then you know they are incredibly hard to keep up with! Maybe that is just me but I highly doubt it! The good intentions are there but it’s pretty easy to put it on the backburner and then before you know it, months have gone by and the content no longer seems relevant. I mayyy have taken that to the extreme by just giving up on posting any previews or shares from my photography sessions all together!

Add to that, this is my own kiddo and I know there is no parent fervently checking for updates so it gets lost down the line. I DID share these on Facebook so I knew they were at least documented somewhere!

I don’t want to vow to be better at blogging now that JAC Photography is winding things up again because I feel like that might be a death sentence to the blog again. Instead I will say that I am really looking forward to what’s to come!

I actually tried to get this little Miss to recreate this shoot now that she is almost 5 years older (wow, slow down time!) which she promptly refused. Add in that I have a newborn again so my will to wear her down is limited. I gave up pretty quick.

But here is the fun part! I have gone ahead and edited a bunch of never before seen pics from this shoot to make a full blog post. It was so great to go back and remember that fun day. Little Miss was so dang excited to dress up and ham it up for mama. She LOVED the camera back then and I was so blessed she had all the patience for me then!

I don’t have any of that set or even the outfit except for the teal crate remaining but I still plan on getting another try at a Valentine themed shoot next year with her and her new little sis! Oh it’s gonna happen! How bout you? Do your kids enjoy letting you snap their photos?

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