Calgary and Kananaskis Area Family Photo Sessions are All-inclusive in June!

Lots of change going on for us as I’m sure so many of you! For those that run a business at home while your kiddos are back with you for online learning…uh….we all need a serious treat. And possibly a reminder of how much we all love each other! Ha!

So that’s kinda the purpose behind these June sessions! It’s also my bday…and my daughters…and my hubby is turning 40!! whaaaa…He is catching up to me! SO while I start figuring out how to get them all in front of the camera with me too; I want to celebrate change, and family and spring and warm weather finally! Bring on the family Photo shoots!

We are fast at work redoing all that JAC offers as part of our #jacreimagined endeavor and pricing will go up in July! Before that happens, I am offering ONLY 10 All-inclusive packages that include of our coolest and newest, not yet offered framed float prints (see below for an example or 2) and a stunning 8×8 album of your whole session both valued over $400 alone. It’s so important to me that I not only provide you with these sweet connections and forever changing moments but that you walk away with tangible, heirloom keepsakes that your kids can actually REMEMBER these moments that aren’t just stashed on a USB tucked away in a drawer. Let’s create something that you will all be able to SEE and keep close to your hearts.

This Family event is here through June  any evening roughly 2-3 hours before sunset. We will fine tune the time that works best for your family upon booking but for the sake of scheduling dates they are all listed as 630pm in the calendar.

Click below if you are ready to snag one of these 10 sessions in June and if you have any questions, I am always happy to help! Get in touch via our contact page.

xo, JAC