Introducing Personal Branding Sessions!

We are headed into our third week of our Crowdfunding Campaign with ATB Financial. As we raise capital for our studio launch, it’s time to unveil another session reward, available for booking now! One of the ways we have found joy in photography in the past are the times we’ve been asked to step outside our comfort zone…

I have been asked more and more to shoot branding images in different industries. I’ve found so much joy learning about fellow business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, social media personalities and local establishments that I am adding Personal Branding Sessions to our line up! Now, more than ever before, we really need to lean into our community and lift each other up in our businesses and endeavors. Not just to help our local community be successful, but to also fill our cup and live a life of purpose, despite trying times!

I’m so here for it! These are going to be so much more than headshots. Together, we will tailor your shoot to your brand, using unique locations, colour profiles, outfit changes and even props to showcase who you are and what you offer. I am daydreaming already!

Here, we are highlighting two entrepreneurs who previously had personal branding mini sessions with us. This is just a peek into their story and it’s gonna be so fun taking these to the next level by expanding the scope of these sessions, fully customizing multiple outfit changes and settings for variety in your branding.

Click HERE to snag one of 10 personal branding shoots before we release them to everyone else at our upcoming launch! Click HERE if you need help navigating how to book your session! We will reach out at the end of a successful campaign to fulfill your session.

xo JAC

Michelle’s Mini branding in Indianapolis:


Robin’s Branding: